Not only modern, but our bathrooms should also be kept clean to leave a good impression on our visitors. Bugs in your bathroom are the most frequent visitors and may ruin your modern image in front of your guests.

These bugs include cockroaches, ants, spiders, and many other insects. These creepy crawl on the walls and floor of your bathroom may wash out the luxury of your bathroom. But you can kick them out with some simple solutions:

Keep bathroom dry

Wipe counters with a dry cloth to stop water build-up. To keep bugs out of the bathroom drain, clean it with one cup of white vinegar and baking soda and salt added to it.

Fix all the cracks and seals

In most of the cases, Cockroaches and other insects come out of the cracks and broken seals. We must fix the broken windows, fill gaps between the tiles to avoid the entrance of bugs in your bathroom.

Replace your old furniture with the new one

If your bathroom furniture has gone years old, then the time has come to replace it with the new one. Carpenter ants are known to eat wood, and many other insects can spread dangerous pathogens.

Use liquid wash regularly

All you need to add liquid cleaner and insecticide in the water, dip a cloth it in it, and wipe all over the floor.

Empty trash once in a day

Don’t leave your trash filled with waste for 2-3 days. It may invite insects from all the corners of your bathroom. You need to empty trash at least once a day.

Install exhaust fans or dehumidifiers

An exhaust fan throws all the humid air, flies and mosquitoes outside of the bathroom. You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity of your bathroom.

Use Waterman taps and showers to avoid leakage and water taping in your bathroom. Waterman has a vast catalogue of taps and showers ranging from economy to the premium.

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