Waterman valves: The best equipment for controlling the flow of water

Do you know what controls the flow of water between the water tanks and taps at your home or office?

The water controlling valves take primary control over the flow of water. Generally, these valves are not used for months or years after installation. But the fixture after failure and reinstallation of faucets or showers need water to be stopped in the mainline. It comes easy with the installation of water valves.

Water valves are available in two varieties, which are mentioned below:

Brass Ball Valve

A ball valve works with the help of a handle, which turns between a 90-degree angle to control the flow of water. The brass valve uses full bore feature and it is cast in forged brass and hard chrome.

Horizontal Check Valve

Check valves are used for water supply and wastewater treatment. They are used at our home and offices to control the flow of water. The horizontal check valve is made to fulfil two purposes; one as a ball valve and 2nd one shuts off automatically when the flow reverses.

All Waterman water valves are crafted under the supervision of supreme engineers. A hi-tech facility is provided for intense R&D and testing of all of Waterman products.

Waterman offers hi-quality Brass Ball Valve and Horizontal Check Valve for smooth water dispensing at your home or office.

Apart from water valves, the brand is also into manufacturing the following products to fulfil all your need of faucets for your bathroom and kitchen:

One of the most popular faucets manufacturing brands in India, Waterman is a prime distributor or faucets in South India, which includes Chennai and Bangalore .

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