You must choose right taps that looks fit in your bathrooms and kitchens. From the practically to the looks everything matters while installing taps in kitchens and bathrooms. These taps come in different styles and finishes to match up with the requirement and looks of bathroom or kitchen interior. The design can range from classic and traditional to the cool and contemporary.

The current designs of taps are the example of ultimate creativity and luxury that has given new definition to the interior looks of the bathrooms and kitchens. You can choose a design that suits the requirement and interior of your bathroom places.

Wall-mounted taps

Wall-mounted taps are installed on wall along with the basin or bath tub to reach out the water. It is a contemporary tap fitting, which is quite difficult to install. It can be cleaned easily as it is not complicated to reach.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are one of the most common taps, which are more common in the UK. These taps have their own valves to control the flow of water. It fits into the basins that have two tap holes, one for the hot, and one for the cold taps.

Floor mounted taps

Floor mounted taps are currently in trend and looks good with many of the traditional and contemporary designs. The bath tubs are meant to place anywhere in the bathroom and so the bath taps. The biggest benefit of the floor mounted taps is that they can be installed anywhere in the bathroom.

Bath filler taps

Similar to the mixer taps, they also are made to mix hot and cold water before leaving the faucet. These filler taps are generally operated with the help of two valves to control the flow of water. The bath filler taps are ideal for getting desired temperature water.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are the most practical taps that are used to mix the hot and cold water together. They are also named as monobloc taps when they only use the tap hole.

Bath & Shower mix taps

Bath & Shower taps are attached with a shower head, can be stretched to wet entire body with the mix of hot and cold water. The taps allow to adjust the ratio of hot and cold water. It is not ideal for basins.

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