Beautiful faucets can really make your bathroom elegant and stylish. An elegant bathroom can really make a huge impact on your personality and lifestyle. Starting your day with the fresh and modern designs of bathware that enhances your morning experience, can really play an important role in how your day will turn out. In 2020, let us find out what are the best faucets options for your various household needs.

Disc Faucets:

Nowadays faucets are designed for high performance and looks. The disc shape of faucets is specially designed for utility purpose. It has a disc inside which rotates to adjust the flow of water from the tap. As you hold the lever of the faucet and push to open the disc, the water starts flowing making it a very satisfying experience.  These faucets are apt for small bathroom layout and also they can be considered as elements of utility.

Two handle faucets:

Two handle faucets have different utility. It has two levers for your own needs, one can provide with hot water stream and other with cold water stream. There are various kinds of two handle faucets which gives various options to the buyers for an amazing experience. Tap type faucets, push type and various other type of faucets in the same category of two handled faucets ensures your needs are not compromised at all.

Economy faucets:

Not everyone wants fancy stuff and hence there comes the very next category which simple does its work without bothering your pocket. These are economy faucets which are usually traditional type of faucets. They do their work with perfect ease and do not cost much too.

Compression Washer Faucet

These are more of the traditional faucets usually seen effective in kitchen sinks or basins. These are very budget friendly faucets and their design has been liked in various Indian households.  They are designed with a tough structure so as to support is high usage and hence these faucets are very high performance. If we talk about their rotation pattern, one has to make fairly tight motion in order to release water or close the valve (in comparison to the other modern faucets which have various features ensuring ease and comfort of using the faucet). If you are looking for the best faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, do visit . Waterman India has best washroom accessories and designs to compliment your lifestyle. Waterman Bathware has variety of range of products from faucets to showers, from brass internals for hard water to taps and fittings.

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