Top shower distributor and manufacturing companies in India 2021

Showers help you decrease the usage of water every day. For example, you use a bucket of water that contains 25 litres of water every day. Instead, you can use good quality showers that consume less water per minute in comparison to ordinary showerheads.

Many companies promise to offer high-quality shower that consumes less water and better spray. The fact must come to your knowledge that a high-quality shower has well-engineered pores that offers a good spray of water without wasting much of it.

Here are the top shower manufacturer and distributor companies in India:


Hindware is an Indian shower manufacturer and distributor brand in India, which has been one of the top choices of Indian customers because of the quality and technology used by it. Not only showers, Hindware deals in all types of faucets and bathroom hardware.


The Indian ceramic market is taken over by the brand – Cera. It offers an exciting range of showerheads to cater to the need of all types of Indian faucets’ customers.


One of the giant shower distributor and manufacturer companies in Spain, Roca has also impressed millions of Indian consumers with high-quality showers.


Waterman is supported by different material supply chains in Delhi, hence offering the best-in-class shower heads with unmatched designs. Most importantly, in the favour of Indian customers, Waterman showers are the most affordable deals for hi-quality bathroom showers.

Delta Faucets

Delta India, the subsidiary of Masco in the US, is a popular shower manufacturing and distributor company, which has focused on water-saving technology aggressively. They already have got international awards for using their water-saving technology in many of their products, including showerheads.


The US-based faucets and shower manufacturer company, Kohler is widely popular for bringing hi-quality products to the attention of all classes of customers. The brand constantly works on improving or maintaining the supreme quality of its products.

The demand for Kohler head showers and faucets is constantly improving because of the quality and exceptional designs.


Grohe is one of the most popular German faucets brands in India, which is known for its great combination of quality and attractive designs. Grohe is a renowned shower manufacturing company in India, which also has got many international awards for its impeccable designs.

From thousands of faucets and showerheads, you can choose from any of the above brands to equip your bathroom and kitchen with the best ones, depending on your need and the designs you like.

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