Things to consider while buying health faucet for your toilet

Making your bathroom perfect with all the required amenities is very confusing and difficult. Hundreds of options in the market and a limited budget keep you changing your mind about fitting quality of amenities and accessories in your bathroom.

Usage & Durability

To ensure optimum water pressure, the pores of the health faucet should be thicker in the head of the nozzle. The thicker pores ensure the perfect required pressure of water, which does not make it clogged with the deposits of hard water. You must check the quality and material used in the head of the faucet to ensure its durability.


To maintain hygiene, you should always prefer metal-made health faucets, which offer a better life tendency of the health faucet product.

Length & quality of pipes

Also called the supply hose, the pipe connected to it is another important part of the health faucet. The flexibility and length of the health faucet pipe should be appropriate to fulfill your requirement. It should be around 1.5 – 2.0 feet in length.


The piston is a device that controls the flow of water with the help of a handle. Testing the flow of water on your own is the best way to finalize a health faucet for your toilet. A high-quality health faucet should be equipped with a piston that allows you to release water with minimal effort.

Waterman is one of the best brass jet spray health faucet manufacturers in India, which is known for providing International quality health faucets with supremely engineered pistons that allow perfect water control.

Installation process

Before you buy a health faucet for your toilet, measure the length between the floor and the hook where you want to hang the health faucet head. Doing so will help you to find the required length of the pipe.

Guarantee or warranty

Check with your seller that it is providing a competitive warranty or guarantee with the jet spray you are going to buy online or from an offline market. This is one of the most important points you should consider while buying a health faucet for your toilet.

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