Bathroom isn’t just a place to maintain body hygiene but also it’s a place of experience. A nicely build bathroom is a rich experience of giving yourself a rejuvenating moment. Whether it’s a morning or evening shower, it plays an important part in releasing your stress levels.

A perfect bathing experience can only be possible with the perfect combination of quality and design bath fittings. But in India there are cities with hard water, which can be tough on various kinds of available bath fittings.

What is hard water?

Hard water is a type of water which has high mineral content. This mineral content in the water has deposits of limestone, chalk or gypsum which is made of calcium and magnesium. Though this kind of water may have some health benefits but it can cause problem in the water supply as these mineral can deposit inside your bath fittings and can cause hindrance in your bathing experience.

 What kind of bath fittings you should prefer for hard water?

An important aspect of a perfect bath fitting is durability and efficiency. But if hard water can damage the faucet or shower, then how one can be assured of their bathware fittings efficiency? The answer is simple; bath fittings with inside brass build ensures efficiency and durability as the same time.

A luxury build bathroom has high quality bathroom fittings such as showers, taps, faucets etc. and to keep them perfectly working brass internals fitting ensures efficiency not matter how harsh is your water.

India is a diversified land with different kind of soils and water bodies in different parts of the country. Below the Deccan plateaus, most of the parts in the southern India have hard water and because of this people faces problem as hard water really degrade the bath fittings. Waterman Bathware accessories and bath fittings are made with bass internals and the outer experience is of chrome which gives durability and high performance to your bathware.

What parameters you must check for your hard water bath fittings?

Brass internals efficiently provide durability to the water taps (as well as Faucets), shower and different bathware accessories. Chrome provides elegance, style and luxury with durability. Waterman bathware is made out of excellence which ensures efficiency in hard water. Hard water being the main water problem in southern India, Waterman high performance Bath fittings are made to ensure long term efficiency and performance.

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