Looking out for the best range of showers in India? Here is all you need to know about showers before buying them.

Shower is an idea or concept inspired by rain, waterfall and many such water bodies. People in the ancient times used to enjoy taking bath under rain and water fall that is the reason of invention of showers.

But for a very long period of time, showers just remained a way of bathing and were not even close to the actual experience of rain.  Later after a long research and development, finally we had what we could call as “experience rain in your bathroom”.

Rain showers deliver exotic experience

Rain showers a designed for the ultimate experience. Its long surface of the panel spread the water across every opening evenly ensuring you have the best time when you are bathing. Their designs are stylish and complement modern bathroom aesthetics.

Waterman bathware has a perfect and amazing range of showers that would meet your requirement at a very affordable price. Quality and durability along with the high standard of the brand makes this product perfect for your bathroom. If you decide to buy shower for your bathroom, waterman bathware has various rain showers such as hifi rain shower, sandwich rain shower, maze rain shower and ultra slim rain shower. For more info, do visit

Other types of showers:

Hand showers for bathing with a grip shower

Hand showers are easily accessible, as in any normal shower you can’t hold and give direction to the flow of your shower but in hand shower you can. It’s basically is a pipe connected to a shower which gives you a very different bathing experience. There are many variants for hand showers in Waterman bathware do visit to to know more.

Next segment is ‘Wall showers with arms’

It is an extended shower which is not put inside the ceiling but on the wall. To give a distance it has arm which distance itself from the wall, so that you don’t compromise with the experience. There are multiple models for the wall showers with arms do check out your best take at

Wall showers without arms

These kind of showers don’t really have an extended arm hence it gives you a choice to use the shower at your own convenience. These showers can have multiple uses and you got to decide which one you prefer for your bathroom. To make your job easy, Waterman bathware has all kind of showers at your disposal, just visit for more information about different models and variants of showers for your bathroom.

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