One of the finest tap manufacturers in India

Every bathroom faucet, fixture and fitting has to be designed and manufactured with fine materials that are suitable in all bathroom conditions. A good faucet or tap goes a long way. Also, there are many companies in South India which promise that they use the best materials for their taps and faucets. But the question here is how long does the tap function before breaking down or getting succumbed to rust? 

Waterman, one of the leading companies in the industry of bathroom and kitchen faucets, uses brass and stainless steel to manufacture their taps, which are also coated with chrome plating. Such taps are more expensive than the PVC taps, but are also of higher quality and more healthy for the people and the environment. The PVC taps look good in the beginning, but after sometime they tend to attract germs, and bacteria which are harmful for people. They are the cheaper option but only for the pocket and not for human health. After a while, they start polluting the water as well. 
Waterman has been in this industry for over 25 years and after such a long period, it has earned the title of being one of the best tap manufacturers in South India. Out of experience, knowledge, and concern for the environment, Waterman produces taps that are best for its customers. So, if you are looking for the best taps, give a thought to the brass and stainless steel taps by Waterman. 

How is Waterman taps the best in the market?

Waterman is known for its quality products and budget-friendly options which are long-lasting as well. Even though there are many options available in the country, Waterman dominates the industry with its bathroom and kitchen faucets. 

Premium Quality Material

The Waterman has maintained its legacy of over 25 years to only use superior quality material for its bathroom faucets, and fixtures especially tap. The best material that stays proper for a long time and is sustainable, is brass and stainless steel, and not PVC. Especially when it comes to a bathroom, it is important to use strong and good quality material that stays put when interacting with water. Waterman’s brass and stainless steel taps ensure that there is no leakage or drainage when the water comes in contact, on a regular basis. All waterman taps are water resistant and rust resistant. So, if you are in South India and looking for such good quality taps, give a try Waterman taps. 

Budget Friendly 

Although Waterman produces brass and stainless steel taps that are more expensive than PVC taps, these are still budget-friendly and affordable. There are many companies in the market that declare that they offer the best quality taps, and are very expensive. But such taps often do not perform to the best and cost more than required. When compared with such taps, Waterman promises what it declares at less expensive prices.

So, even though it can be more expensive than others in the market but then quality comes at a cost. Make sure that you understand these things before browsing through other options for bathroom accessories as well. It is important to keep in mind the maintenance and long-term health of the bathroom when purchasing taps and faucets.

So, if you are not restricted to a particular budget and you look forward to good quality faucets, then be carefree with Waterman and explore all the best options. See for yourself and choose a tap that meets your expectations and needs.

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