Things to consider while buying health faucet for your toilet (1)

The coronavirus cases have been spiked up again. The capital city of India and states like Rajasthan, Haryana, and Gujarat are also on high-alert.

We need to break the chain else we are not well-prepared with our medical services to handle the blast of 2nd wave of coronavirus. According to healthcare professionals, the chain can be broken with frequent hand-washing and by maintaining social distancing.

People who are more prone to catching coronavirus:

  • Not wearing the mask in public places
  • Not maintaining social distancing
  • Not washing hands frequently with soap
  • Keep touching eyes, mouth, and nose

So you need to follow all the above-mentioned health advisories to break the chain of coronavirus infection.

It spreads when a coronavirus infected person keeps sneezing, and the droplets coming from him are touched and breathed-in or contacted by another person and taken to the nose, mouth, and eyes.

Wash or clean your hands with sanitizer often

Wash your hands with soap properly after every one or two hours to reduce the chances of catching a covid-19 infection. If washing your hands frequently is not possible, you can clean your hands with a good quality sanitizer.

The correct way to wash your hands properly:

  • Join your hands and wet them with tap water
  • Apply soap and rub your hands in all the corners like between the fingers and fingertips
  • Rub both the surfaces of your hands for almost 20 seconds to ensure all the portions are covered
  • Rinse your hands under tap water until the soap is completely rubbed-out
  • Dry your hands under an air dryer or use a disposable paper towel

Not being exposed to the virus is the only way to protect yourself and break the chain of this highly contagious pandemic.

You need to wash your hands frequently and do not forget to wear the mask in public places until the medicine or vaccine introduced by the doctors.

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