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We purchase our home very wisely after giving hundreds of thoughts before finaling one and taking action but when it comes to bathwares and kitchen accessories we become a little compromising in nature and go with any of the faucet brands without even doing a basic research about the brand as well. Faucets and bathwares play a very vital role in each home. Unlike older times, bathwares is not only a necessity but also compliments a home for its luxurious look and feel. These days people flex their bathwares to show their royal and luxurious lifestyle. All the Waterman’s high quality faucets are beautifully designed to create a signature bathroom statement that can resonate with your homes for years to come. The unique bridge between idea and creation celebrates the era of Waterman. Cutting edge technologies have maintained the charm, softness and clean lines of the shapes which perfectly represents the balance between tradition and modernity destined to become a symbol of inimitable style and craftsmanship. If you are planning to do your bathware or kitchen then you must keep an eye on Waterman’s bathwares as Waterman in itself is a symbol of a glamorous lifestyle and has unique ranges to offer for its users.

MAGIC Range-Integration Into The Whole 

Turn on Magic in your Kitchen and Bathroom with the stunning and sturdy MAGIC Faucets.

MAGIC series is a great choice for those who seek balanced, exceptional, high quality and minimal designs. The style perfectly compliments the shape. The imagination is integrated into the form.

To name a few MAGIC range products would be Short Body BIB Cock, Pillar Cock, Long Body BIB Cock, Angle Cock, BIB Cock 2 in 1, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Concealed Stop Cock in 2 options of 15mm and 20mm, Center Hole Basin Mixer, Sink Cock, Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Tall Pillar Tap in 2 options of 8’ and 12’, Sink Mixer, Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with L Bend.
All the faucets under the MAGIC range are suitable for both hot and cold water, give perfect water flow and are quality control approved with smooth operation. Waterman uses the highest quality brass international cartridges for the flawless lifelong performance and durability with free easy spares replacement service. For more details do check the detailed product designs and prices of the ECO Series of Waterman Bathware by visiting the Faucets segment of Waterman Bathware now.

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