Washing dishes, clothes, and hands consume a lot of water every day. Majorly, the clothes cleaning process can be divided into two ways – Hand Wash and Dishwasher. Washing dishes with hands consume more water in comparison to the dishwasher. Around 3-4 times more water is used to clean dishes with hands. Additionally, a dishwasher takes lesser time to wash the kitchenware.

But, what if you do not have a dishwasher at your home and you still want to save water.

All you need to follow the tricks and tips mentioned below:

  • Scrape the food residue properly before washing the dishes
  • Wash off the dishes before the food goes dry on them
  • Always use two sinks – one filled with hot water and detergent and the other one should be filled with cold water for a quick rinse
  • The amount of detergent should be used as per the instructions of the manufacturer

People who have a dishwasher should follow the instructions mentioned below to save water:

  • Instead of washing individual lots of dishes, try to use the dishwasher when it is full of dishes
  • Scrape the food residue completely off the plates before putting them in a dishwasher

Water-saving tips while washing clothes with machine

  • Always wash clothes in a machine with a full load. Washing a small number of clothes repeatedly uses a lot of water.
  • Use lukewarm water for better and quick cleaning.
  • Check for leaks in your taps while getting water to your washing machine. Use good quality taps like from those made from Waterman, which are highly reliable and usable.

Water-saving tips while washing clothes with hands

  • Take a bucket full of lukewarm water and mix up a good quality detergent in it.
  • Drown the clothes in the detergent water and let them soak for at least half an hour.
  • Rinse the clothes one by one and keep them in an empty bucket.
  • You can use tap water but with the low-intensity flow to rinse the clothes properly.
  • Now, wash off all the clothes by drowning all of them one by one in a bucket.
  • Doing plunge and scrub also helps you to save water
  • Always use good quality faucets

Tips for saving water while washing hands

  • Try to use sensor-equipped faucets
  • Do not let run the taps while using soaps on hands

Try to use latest taps and faucets from Waterman as they pour less water with a good pressure that helps you clean your hands properly

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