Limescale is one of the biggest problems in every bathroom. Cleaning it off is not as easy as cleaning other places in a bathroom. Even the viruses and germs are too not easy to be cleaned off. Water taps are the most frequently touched places in a bathroom. You must clean them daily with the help of some special techniques.

But, the job can be done by following some simple steps, mentioned below:

Use lemon to remove limescale

Cut a lemon into two pieces, keep it in a small polybag and hang it over the mouth of the tap. You must bind the mouth of the polybag with the tap in it with the help of a rubber band. Leave it overnight and then you can easily wipe off the limescale with a scrubber. You can also use 100 ml of vinegar in the place of lemon.

Use metallic Scrubber and detergent

Instead of lemon technique, you can use a metallic scrubber and utensil detergent to clean your taps and faucets in order to get rid of limescale, germs, and viruses. The process involves applying liquid detergent on a metallic scrubber, followed by forceful swiping on the targeted faucet. It may take a little more effort to clean your faucets than the lemon technique, mentioned above.

Use vinegar and cloth scrubber to swipe off the germs and viruses

The covid-19 coronavirus has threatened all the world with its serious symptoms like difficulty breathing and even organ failure. All you need to take a strong germ cleaner like vinegar or other antiseptic liquids to clean all the faucets and doorknobs. You can use a spray bottle and a cloth to clean off all the germs and viruses.

The low-quality metal made taps may get blocked due to excessive limescale. But the Waterman taps are made of a high-quality blend of metal that ensures years of hassle-free operation with a perfect stream of water.

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