Like other industries, the plumbing industry has also gone through many changes and technical developments.

Style is the thing we notice first when we install faucets in our kitchen, but cannot be preferred before analysing the practical factors like streaming the water and reach of the spout to the double sinks. From the varieties of spouts to the number of holes and handles, everything should be considered while purchasing faucets for your kitchen.

Read the following measures, you should take while buying faucets:

Select a good sink first

Through many designs, you have to select a sink that perfectly fits and matches your kitchen’s requirements. The holes to fit taps, the metal quality and the size of the sink should be considered before buying kitchen faucets.

If you are willing to switch from two handles to the single one, you have to check on the number of holes given in the sink. If your kitchen is equipped with “wide-spread” bathroom faucet with two handles, far from the spout, then technically you won’t be able to switch to the single-handle faucet model.

Look at the height and reach of spout

Instead of finalising a good looking tap, try to judge the height and reach of spout according to the preference of the guy who will be taking the kitchen workload like cleaning the utensils and kitchenware.

The spout should be long enough to reach both the sinks fitted in a kitchen.

Prefer ceramic valves over others

Always choose ceramic valves if you want to avoid drips in your kitchen. Comparatively, ceramic valves stay drip-free for a long time than the regular kitchen valves. Faucets equipped with ceramic valves cost almost similar to the price of other faucets.

Buy faucets according to the size of water lines

A factor that cannot be missed – checking the size of water lines. Before you leave to buy faucets, ask your plumber that has he ensured the size of pipe used in the waterline. Is the water pressure enough to throw water properly from the taps?

Whenever you purchase a new faucet, see if it is available with 3/8” flex lines attached, as many newly-introduced faucets do. If your kitchen’s existing water shutoff valves are 1/2”, you are suggested to change these valves to the size of 3/8” first before getting ready to install the new faucet.

Brands like Waterman and jaquar are leading the class in the latest kitchen sink valves and faucets.

Now come to the finish at last

Good aesthetics are too important to consider when talking about kitchen faucet fixtures. It is recommended to use chrome finished faucets to match up with the colour of the sink. Kitchen sink accessories such as the air gap, soap dispenser, and sink-hole cover should be matched with the finish of water taps.

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