How do valves work to control the flow of water or chemical fluids_

How does it open? How does it control the flow of water? What mechanism works behind the working of a water valve? If you are keen to know the answer to all of these questions, keep reading this brief and clear explanation behind the working of a water valve.

What are valves used for?

A valve is a metal or plastic-made device that is used to control the flow of water either blocking it partially or completely. Every pipe that is made for transporting millions of gallons of fluids is regulated with the help of valves.

Valves are used for transferring both gases and fluids. Taking an example, the washing machine at our home uses a valve and a knob to control the direction and release of water.

Anatomy of valves

Valves are made of metal and plastic only and also uses several different parts, mentioned below:

  • Valve Handle or Hand Wheel
  • Packing Nut
  • Valve Stem
  • Valve Gate
  • Valve Body

Valves are used to avoid accidents, explosions, pollution, and the unnecessary release of chemicals. The seal on a valve should be perfectly secured and tight to avoid leakage and passage of fluid. Some of the valves control a vast amount of water, for which they need to be operated by levers. Hydraulic rams are used for some of the big valves used for commercial purposes.

Types of water valves:

Different types of valves are designed to fulfil different purposes like residential and industrial. Generally, they are divided into the following forms:

  • Butterfly valves
  • Check valves
  • Faucet valves
  • Gate valves
  • Supply stop valves
  • Globe valves

Material used as per the requirement:

The kind of material used in the valves depends on the purpose. For example, a metal-made valve is used to control the supply of water from the tank kept on the roof of our houses. A water bottle uses a plastic-made valve to dispense water from it.

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