What to prefer for kitchen sink, a single-handle or double-handle faucet?

It depends whether you need a single-handle faucet or the double-handle. Practically, the single-handle faucet offers better control over the flow of water, whereas double-handle faucets are for styles and designs.

What is the major difference between Hand Shower & Head Shower?

Handheld shower or hand shower is a faucet that is used for cleaning and washing after toilet use, whereas a head shower is used to take a quick bath through the water spray.

Both the showers are connected to a faucet that controls the flow of water.

Can I buy these faucets directly from your distributor?

Yes, you can buy directly from one of our distributors, but we have dealerships in the limited areas. Kindly follow the link to reach our distributors: https://watermanindia.in/dealer-locator/

How to ensure the originality of our products?

You can avoid fake traders by spotting a 3D printed tape and a 3D hologram sticker glued on all of our products. Still, you think that you haven’t received an original product, you can write to our quality team at support@watermanindia.in

Do we get any warranty or guarantee on your products?

All of our products go through multiple checks and tests to ensure excellent quality.

In case, the purchased product doesn’t work or works abnormally, you can claim for the repair or a new product at our nearest distributor or mail us at support@watermanindia.in

Yes, all of our products come with a guarantee mentioned on them or guarantee described by our distributors.