EVOQUE Series of Waterman Bathware

When bathrooms and kitchens are the most significant element of a home then why can’t they be the most beautiful ones as well? We are using faucets daily since always but while choosing one for our homes we are mostly confused with the brand and quality of the faucet. Faucets should be such which ask for very low maintenance and are of good quality having perfect water flow with the ease of smooth operation. Waterman is one of the most premium faucet brands of India.

Waterman guarantees durability with life long performances. Waterman offers such designs which resonate with your homes for years. Waterman fits every requirement of your bathware. Waterman assures the unmatched after sale and customer care service, free spares replacement service. Glamour and elegance defines the lifestyle of a home which is highly maintained by Waterman bathwares. Waterman clearly depicts the balance between modernity and tradition.

There are a series of faucets and accessories that come under Waterman bathware.

With EVOQUE Series Perfection Is Possible. Waterman devotes considerable attention to detail, carefully chooses the best materials and finishes. Evoque bath fittings are the ideal choice for any bathroom design in which elegance, style and quality are at the priority.EVOQUE Series gives flawless performance and with lifelong durability. Quality control approved , gives perfect water flow suitable for both hot and cold water and has highly low maintenance with easy operation.

There are variety of premium products under DELUXE Series of Waterman bathware, to name a few would be Pillar Cock, Short Body BIB Cock, Long Body BIB Cock, Angle Cock, BIB Cock 2 in 1, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Center Hole Basin Mixture, Concealed Stop Cock in 15mm and 20mm options, Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Sink Cock, Sink Mixer, Wall Mixer 2 in 1 with L Bend, Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with L Bend, Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Upper Trim, Wall Mounted Basin Mixer Concealed Body, 40MM High Flow Concealed Diverter Outer Trim, 40MM High Flow Concealed Diverter Body, 45MM High Flow Concealed Diverter Outer Trim, 40MM High Flow Concealed Diverter Body, Plain Spout, Tip Ton Spout.

Waterman bathware is built with perfection and crafted with care. Celebrate the era of Waterman which is destined to become the symbol of inimitable style. For more details do check the detailed product designs and prices of the EVOQUE Series of Waterman Bathware by visiting the Faucets segment of Waterman Batware now.

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