Bathwares are an important part of each home and must be chosen after good research work on brand’s quality and service policies. Whenever you buy, make sure the box has a 3D Hologram Tape. Every fitting comes with a Hologram Mark which works as a trust symbol for product originality and guarantees the dedicated support post your purchase. Yes, you got that right, a 3D Printed tape and a 3D Hologram Sticker is a must to check when you buy.! Also while making a purchase of a bathware, make sure it compliments the luxurious look and feel of your home perfectly. Kitchen and Washroom adds value to your home not just as a place for necessity but also stands tall as a symbol of luxury living. Talking about bathware brands, Waterman is the 1st choice of many when quality and durability of bathwares are at priority. Waterman gives unmatched after sale service for all its products with a Hologram Mark of course. Waterman’s bath division offers much more than spectacular bathroom products, it creates an overall bath experience that’s perfectly suited to your home and fits every requirement and aesthetic with unmatched life long performance. Waterman comes with amazing ranges of faucets and accessories, each range is designed with unique specifications and crafted with care. 

ECO series is known to create a stylistically modest interior that steers clear pretension, select natural materials, muted colours and simple shapes that compliment each other. ECO bath fittings have a striking combination of design and function where the details grab the attention. A line that never crossed its simplicity and durability to sustain the forever charm of Indian bathrooms and kitchens. Engineered to offer the smoothest across all its products. To name a few ECO range products would be Open Stop Cock 15mm, Concealed Stop Cock 15mm, Long Body BIB Cock, Pillar Cock, Open Stop Cock 20mm, Angle Cock, Short Body BIB Cock.

All the faucets under the ECO range give perfect water flow and are quality control approved, highly suitable for both cold and hot water and operate way smoothly. Waterman offers the highest quality brass international cartridges for the flawless superior performance and long lasting durability with free easy spares replacement service. For more details do check the detailed product designs and prices of the ECO Series of Waterman Bathware by visiting the Faucets segment of Waterman Bathware now.

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