DELUXE Series of Waterman Bathware

People are generally confused when it comes to faucet selection for their homes. Unlike older times Faucets not only serve the purpose of water flow but also serve as a lifestyle symbol for the homes. Today let’s know about the DELUXE Series of Waterman Bathware which is 100% brass. Ease your everyday life with the hi-tech faucets of DELUXE range from Waterman. The elegant curves turn your bath & kitchen spaces into an opulent place. With its simple and rounded design the new DELUXE bath fittings showcase the ongoing trend in modern design towards soft minimalism as well as Embodying cutting edge design, the line offers advanced functionality and a broad range of features that accommodates just about everyone.

Waterman DELUXE Series combines sustained luxury with premium quality, resulting in an excellent product which is consistently evolving. DELUXE Series is for you if you love unique and creative products.

Sink holds significant importance in our home kitchens and many times people struggle for the perfect faucet for their sink. We all call Kitchen taps mostly in our day to day talks but in technical language it’s known as Sink Faucet and Mixture. Sink Mixture is used for sink and kitchen areas specifically. The standard size of the connection point is 15MM only. While choosing a Faucet you must be assured about its quality which is premium when talking about Waterman faucets. DELUXE Series Sink Mixtures give perfect water flow and are suitable for both hot and cold water and have very low maintenance  with smooth operation and hold approved quality control. In short it is all you are looking for in your kitchen sink.

Likewise there are variety of premium products under DELUXE Series of Waterman bathware, to name a few would be Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Swan Neck Pillar Cock J Bend, Long Body BIB Cock 2 in 1, Center Hole Basin Mixture, Concealed Stop Cock 20mm, Washing Machine Bib Cock, Wall Mixer 2 in 1 with L Bend, Swan Neck Pillar Cock Universal,Sink Cock J Bend, Sink Cock Casted Spout, Short Body BIB Cock, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Pillar Cock, Angle Cock, Long Body BIB Cock. These all are quality control approved , give perfect water flow and are suitable for both hot and cold water and have highly low maintenance and are smooth to operate.

To check for detailed product designs and prices of the DELUXE  Series of Waterman Bathware, visit the Faucets segment of Waterman Batware now.

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