DELL Series of Waterman Bathware

Bathrooms are an important place in our homes and unlike old times bathrooms stand tall as a luxury symbol in today’s time. Washrooms compliment homes when washrooms are embraced with classy and good quality bathwares. Earlier toilets used to only serve the purpose of usage but now the picture has completely changed, now people shell out their money for the interiors of the bathrooms as they believe washrooms depict your royalty and class. Talking about bathwares, Waterman is a brand with which a great bathroom experience starts from and comes with unique serieses of bathwares and each series is designed with unique features and specialities. Waterman assures unmatched after sale service and free spares repair service. Highest quality brass is used in the products of Waterman

DELL series of Waterman bathwares is a latest collection of stunning faucets complimented with sleek and sturdy designs, the trust of modern technology involved an exceptional appearance. The curved and rounded surfaces of the DELL bath fittings make them the perfect solution for lovers of tradition who nonetheless appreciate modern design. Now you can create an interior that follows the principles of timeless design:organised, harmonious and combining conventional forms. 

There are variety of premium products under DELL Series of Waterman bathware, to name a few would be Pillar Cock, Short Body BIB Cock, Long Body BIB Cock, Angle Cock, BIB Cock 2 in 1, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Center Hole Basin Mixture, Washing Machine Bib Cock, Concealed Stop Cock in 15mm and 20mm options, Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Sink Cock, Sink Mixer, Wall Mixer 2 in 1 with L Bend,  Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with L Bend,

These all above mentioned products come with long durability and an amazing after sale service with a very low maintenance cost. All the DELL collections are highly suitable for both hot and cold water with a perfect water flow and operate smoothly.

Waterman bathwares are built with perfection and crafted with care. 
You can beautifully use DELL series of Waterman to create a signature bathroom statement that resonates with your homes for years. Superior components and 100% brass is used in the Waterman bathwares as high grade brass give superior quality and durability. For more details do check the detailed product designs and prices of the DELL Series of Waterman Bathware by visiting the Faucets segment of Waterman Batware now.

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