CUBE Series of Waterman Bathware

ashrooms and Kitchens are every home’s necessity. In our day to day lives we often face issues with bathwares and kitchen faucets and accessories and we keep on ignoring small issues unless they turn out to be a huge trouble creator to us. While choosing bathwares or kitchen necessities we have infinite options to go with and that also creates a state of confusion for many, as it is rightly said that too many options confuses a person. So talking about bathwares, Waterman stands tall in the market due to its durability and luxurious designs. Waterman comes with unique bathware ranges, every series comprising their own usps and features. Waterman bathware ranges are a symbol of glamour and elegance. Waterman perfectly represents the balance between tradition and modernity, destined to become a symbol of inimitable style craftsmanship.

The latest faucets range-CUBE has brought the best combination of smooth water dispensing technology and luxurious designs to transform your bathroom and kitchen into a heaven like place. All the faucets under the CUBE range are built with perfection and crafted with care. While it has the beauty and delicacy of a fine sculpture, its magical shape is hardly all this mixer has to offer. The CUBE bath fittings combine perfect form and functionality with lines and an initiative shape. The form of the fitting calls to mind the harmonious aesthetics of comfort and pleasure.

CUBE series is known for its seamless forms and holds incredible designs of faucets which can change the look and feel of your washroom and kitchen to match-up with your luxurious look expectations, to name a few would be Pillar Cock, Short Body BIB Cock, Long Body BIB Cock, Angle Cock, BIB Cock 2 in 1, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Concealed Stop Cock in 2 options of 15mm and 20mm, Center Hole Basin Mixer, Sink Cock, Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Sink Mixer, Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with L Bend, Wall Mixer 2 in 1 with L Bend, Tall Pillar Tap in 2 options of 8’ and 12’.
All the faucets under the CUBE range are quality control approved, give perfect water flow and are highly suitable for both cold and hot water and operate smoothly. Waterman offers the brass highest quality international cartridges for the flawless and superior performance and durability with free spares replacement service. For more details do check the detailed product designs and prices of the CUBE Series of Waterman Bathware by visiting the Faucets segment of Waterman Bathware now.

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