Choosing the right Bathroom Faucet

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces in our houses. They’ve evolved over the years as unlike before Bathrooms were just small spaces in a corner that only contained a water source, pot, essentials for freshening up but in today’s modern homes, bathrooms serve multiple purposes. They are not just a place to bathe or freshen up but also a reflection of the owner’s personality.

Today, homeowners leave no stone unturned in the quest to create a perfect washroom. From marbles to tiles, people are spending a considerable amount of time choosing and picking the perfect material and accessories for their bathrooms. However, one thing that people falsify at, settle over for a cheaper option, or don’t put much thought into the quality of faucets in the bathroom.

Faucets don’t just facilitate water supply for your bathroom but also contribute strongly to the look and feel of your washroom. You interact with your bathroom faucet most of the time you are in your bathroom. A beautiful bathroom with plain, dysfunctional, or leaky faucets spoils the whole bathroom look.

So if you’re planning to redo your bathroom or want to upgrade your old or leaky faucets, here are five tips you should keep in mind when shopping for faucets online to make the right pick


Assurance from the brand must be a key factor while planning to redo your bathroom. Assurance includes easy customer care support, unmatched after sale service. Choosing a leading faucet brand like Waterman you get free spares replacement service with the purchase of any Waterman bath division product.

Performance And Durability

Quality of faucets make an important factor while choosing it for your washrooms as lower quality faucets not only increases your maintenance cost but also gives a bad impression to your guests as well. High grade brass for superior performance and durability are the two features of a brand like Waterman for faucets.

Water flow

Water flow depends on the diverters being used in the bathroom fittings. Selection of a diverter affects the water flow completely. Sleek and high flow diverters are advisable to use as they are easy in operation. Waterman provides best in class diverters of 45mm best in class proving to be sleeker and easier in operations than the oher high flow diverters in the market, so make sure you make the right selection.

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