Best Bathroom fittings by Waterman

Waterman Accessories is one of the best bath fittings traders in Tamil Nadu. Well recognized all across the country, Waterman holds the reputation of manufacturing and producing high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings. There are many other companies and options available in Tamil Nadu but Waterman has been in this industry for 25 years and the products it sells are worth every buck. 

Bathroom accessories, fittings, and faucets are the heart of every bathroom. It is very important to purchase and install what looks and works the best. Every person has a different taste when it comes to design, but mostly many people look for similar operations from faucets and fittings. When purchasing any bathroom fitting, one should always keep two points in mind, quality and design. No one should compromise on the quality of a product, as for bathrooms it is very necessary to install a long-lasting, water-resistant, and rust-resistant faucet. The design is something that is personal, to each its own. Hence, every person should install what they like and what fits best in their home. 

Waterman has a wide range of bathroom fittings, all available in premium quality with chic designs. Although, there are a variety of reasons which will influence everyone to purchase bathroom fittings from Waterman, here are a few points that make Waterman special and extraordinary. 

Why is Waterman the best choice for bathroom fittings?

1- Legacy of the best material 

Waterman’s legacy of using the best material for its products is unbeatable. There are many options available in the industry, but not all deliver good quality products. They may promise it, but might not deliver it. Waterman has been in the business for more than two decades and knows ins and outs of the industry. It delivers the best quality bathroom fittings just like it promises. 

All Waterman’s bathroom fittings are made with brass and stainless steel, which are considered the best quality in the market. Brass is known for its long-lasting features, especially when it comes to bathroom fittings being water resistant. All bathroom fittings need to be water resistant and rust resistant, as any weak fitting would lead to leakage and drainage in the bathroom. Especially when compared with PVC, Brass is a better option. It is slightly expensive but it is good quality, safe for the environment and human body. Brass will never pollute water like PVC. 

2-Modern, Chic, and Classic Designs 

All Waterman bathroom fittings are created with modern ideas and designs. Some of them are designed with classic ideas that are timeless and look great in every bathroom. Keeping in mind the recent designs, Waterman uses state-of-the-art inspirations that can compliment every bathroom. The designs also simplify the daily usage of every fitting and faucet. Every single bathroom faucet and fitting has a wide range of designs and are also available in different designs. Hence, the designs by Waterman cater to larger audiences with diverse tastes and likings. For example, one faucet will have eight different designs. These designs are not limited to the faucets. There are many options for Waterman shower faucets like shower heads. These beautiful shower heads with different colors and styles bring out the best of every bathroom and complete the look. 

3-Affordable price range

Waterman faucets and fittings are built with brass and stainless steel which are superior in quality. But the best part about these fittings is that they are affordable and budget-friendly as well. Compared with PVC they are a little expensive but when it comes to good quality products, Waterman stands out in the category of premium products because of its products.

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