Decades of Designing Experience That Gained Recognition

Waterman provides all range of bath fittings, at competitive prices. Our large network of dealers and distributors work with the goal of bringing quality and durability to every household in India. This network is also designed to deliver effective support post purchase.

Our Aura range is best described with curves and smooth lines that mimic the flow of water. It makes the bathroom look elegant with a soft appeal. The Evoque range of faucets has innovative design that follows a modern aesthetic. It is best suited for bathroom styles that are a fusion of postmodernism and traditional designs. The Eco range is practical and affordable, and is designed to last the harshest of conditions outside or inside.

Functionality is best described by the Deluxe set of fittings. The faucets are designed to last decades without losing their appeal or functionality. The design of the fittings is versatile and suits the true traditional as well as the most modern of bathrooms. In addition to our range of faucets, we have an exquisite set of wall showers and hand showers that deliver balanced pressure from every pin, for years.

We’ve been a bathroom fittings manufacturer for over four decades. You can take confidence in our experience. All our products are manufactured with state of the art infrastructure. Being an ISO 9001:2015 company, we adhere to the strict quality control guidelines for production. A robust research and development system ensures that all our products offer prime consumer experience, and last years.

As one of the foremost bathroom fittings companies, we’re committed to quality. To make it easy for our customers to spot genuine products, the packages are provided with 3D holographic tape and the products have a hologram sticker.