AURA Series of Waterman Bathware

Bathware in today’s time is not just a necessity but acts as a symbol to one’s luxurious lifestyle as well. There are a variety of faucet options available in the market and at times we get confused as we are not aware about specifications and features of many of them. So here let’s know about one of the premium series of Waterman bathware that is AURA Series, Relaxation in the Paradise. Timeless form and innovative technology make the AURA collection for the modern home. Due to its unique advancement, the product offers a functional design element as well as artful architectural detail. Indeed, it brings bold designs to life.

AURA Series is 100% Brass based. Some of the products under this series are-

Pillar Cock

Pillar cocks are used only for wash basins. The standard size of the Pillar cocks are 15MM standard PAN India. Talking about premium brands like Waterman, AURA Series pillar cocks operate smoothly, hold approved quality control, give perfect water flow, are suitable for both hot and cold water and have very low maintenance. 

Long Body BIB Cock

Now first let’s understand what a Long Body Bib Cock is. So it is a tap with a fixed bent nozzle at the end of a pipe and to deliver more space between the water drop point bib cock and the wall, its nozzle’s length is extra. This extra length of the nozzle is kept this way to provide more gap between the drop point and the wall to make filling a wide bucket for doing the dishes or washing clothes easy. Standard size of a Long Body Bib Cock is 15MM. AURA Series Long Body Bib Cocks give perfect water flow and are suitable for both hot and cold water and have very low maintenance  with smooth operation and hold approved quality control, 

Likewise there are variety of premium products under AURA Series of Waterman bathware, to name a few would be Short Body Bib Cock, Angle Cock, Long Body 2 in 1, Angle Cock 2 in 1, Concealed Stop Cock with two options of 15MM and 20 MM, Washing Machine Bib Cock, Center Hole Basin Mixer, Swan Neck Pillar Cock, Sink Cock, Sink Mixer, Wall Mixer 2 in 1 with L Bend, Wall Mixer 3 in 1 with L Bend. These all hold approved quality control, give perfect water flow and are suitable for both hot and cold water and have very low maintenance with smooth operation.

To check for detailed product designs and prices of the AURA Series of Waterman Bathware, visit the Faucets segment of Waterman Bathware now.

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