AURA & DELL – The best combination of Modernity & Economy

Whether it is about faucets or the tiles, everyone wants their bathroom and kitchen to look beautiful in every sense. From lighting to the flooring, everything adds a unique charm to the beauty of your living place.

Taps and other faucets have a very important role to play while proceeding good looks to your kitchen and bathroom. Apart from their aesthetics, functioning also matters while buying faucets for your new house.

The AURA & DELL section of the bathroom and kitchen faucets are the craftsmanship of supreme engineering. They are the ultimate blend of designs and flawless operations.

Three things make Waterman be the king of bathroom taps, showers, health faucets, sink taps, and water stopping valves:

Promising Nature

The water taps by Waterman in India do not only look good but also offer long-lasting functionality. The brand keeps working on the quality of the product and do not leave any of the product behind to maintain their reliability.

Superb Built

The brand has become popular for delivering superb built quality in all of its products. From spouts to the control knobs, everything is engineered with high-quality material.

All Products are processed after expert R&D

A team of engineers work on every product to proceed it with great refinement and beautiful ergonomics. All of the AURA and DELL products come with zero creaking sounds while operating.

Both AURA and DELL faucets are made to adore the beauty of modern bathroom & kitchens. The DELL faucets are highly complemented with great designs, defining the real sense of – sleek and sturdy. Both of these categories include concealed stop cocks and kitchen sink mixer taps as well.

Apart from AURA and DELL, Waterman is one of the best kitchen and bathroom faucet distributors and manufacturers company, which also offers Eco, Evoque, Dell, Deluxe, Ikon, and Roman.

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