There are numbers of plumbing valves can be used to control water in a residential or commercial building. These valves are used to give the right direction to the water through pipes.

Here are different types of water valves, mentioned below:

Ball Valve

The ball valve uses a rotating sphere with a hole in it. The hole keeps the gate open for the water flowing through the pipe. When someone turns the lever fitted above the sphere, the hole of the sphere rotates in the cross direction, which maintains the blockage in order to stop the flow of water.

Butterfly Valve

The butterfly valve uses a round-shaped disk in the place of the sphere used in Ball valve. And the process remains the same as Ball Valve.

Gate Valve

A round-shaped or twin handle knob works with a gate that opens upwards to the same handle or knob. All you need to move knob or wheel clockwise to open the valve and anti-clockwise to shut it down. The wheel gets stuck when it is fully opened or closed.

Diaphragm valve

A diaphragm valve looks and works almost the same as the gate valve. An element is used in the diaphragm valve that blocks water with the help of a saddle.

Check Valve

Check Valves are used to keep the water flowing in one direction. Generally, they are not considered operational. It is used to stop the backflow of water with the help of a rubber flap that is pushed to block the way if water goes in the wrong direction.

Pressure Balance Valve

The pressure balance valves fulfil the purpose of maintaining the constant temperature of water in showers and bathtubs. A diaphragm fitted in the valve allows the operator to mix up the hot and cold water. The diaphragm keeps a perfect flow of hot water into the pipe of cold water.

Zone Valve

These valves are equipped in hydronic heating and cooling systems to control the flow of water or steam. These zone valves can be installed in every room or space for providing local control over the heating and cooling of water.

Locking Valve

Generally, locking valves are those to control water with the use of single handle only. These valves use lever-type handles for instant control over the flow of water.

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid valves are the electronic types of check valve systems. That means the water can be stopped automatically with the help of electrically controlled systems in a commercial or big residential building.

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