Your bathroom may be small or big. It’s all up to us how to make them good looking and super luxurious. A little tweaking and settling of things properly can get the job done. All you need to choose all the faucets and sanitary wisely to match up with the space of your bathroom.

Here are the 7 tips chosen smartly to turn your boring bathroom into real luxurious space:

Go for a corner sink

Instead of a pedestal sink, you can install a corner sink to provide a spacious look to your bathroom. Put a trash or accessory box under the corner sink in your bathroom to utilise the space.

Do not install the shower door

When your bathroom is about 5-6 feet wide or congested with space, try installing a 30 by 60-inch tub parallel to the toilet commode. Installing a shower with a door can make the look messy and non-practical.

Make the vanity round in congested spaces

The congested spaces with square vanity may arise accidental conditions. So, it’s good to install round-shaped vanity to save some pace as well as making your bathroom safe. 

Use expanded mirror

Wall-mounted large-sized mirrors make your bathroom looks bigger. The tightest spaces demand more of these techniques to look at your bathroom bigger. You need to use every inch wisely to make it more practical and look spacious.

Use wall-mounted faucet

Wall-mounted faucets offer more space by narrowing down the length of the sink. It offers a clean and space-saving look to your bathroom.

Use the premium and economy range of faucets from the house of Waterman. All of its faucets are made to offer reliability for years.

Go for a trough sink

Trough sink brings a clean and spacious look to your bathroom. When trough sink is wall-mounted, it frees up space as well.

Give it chrome treatment

The hangers, bar handles, knobs in chrome can give ultimate treatment to your bathroom. So, try to give a little chrome finish to your old bathroom. Like all your rooms and other spaces in your house, your bathroom also deserves special treatment. You need to make good research with your creativity to make it look beautiful and practical.

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